“Having half your life ripped away from under your feet just doesn’t seem fair.

The best half too, the half where you get to watch your boys grow and develop into the men that you’ve taught them to be with a sense of pride, saying “I did that!” the half where you get to look after your parents for a change to thank them and show them how much you appreciate them for bringing you up so well.

The part that you get to carry on being the big sister, to nag and always be right but still to wipe the tears and pain when she’s hurting and share the laughter when she’s joyous and last but no means least the part that you get to share your retirement with the man you love, the man you’ve always loved, even before you knew him, it was meant to be.

The best part of our days snatched away.” 

Love Mandy Jones.

8th February 2011