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This is Mandy’s Legacy

Mandy’s wish was for us to continue to campaign against the damage that melanoma can do to people and their families.

The Purpose of our Charity is:

To promote health and to relieve those suffering from or affected by skin cancer, in particular malignant melanoma within the North Somerset and surrounding area in particular, by:

  • Raising awareness of skin cancer
  • Raising awareness of skin cancer, in particular Malignant Melanoma and it’s causes and symptoms
Charity Registration Number 1158015

Mandy’s Story

Someone once said you knew when Mandy was in a room before you saw her, her laughter always preceded her.

In 2001 she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma when she was 6 weeks post natal from having her first son Kyle.

She had extensive surgery and after 5 years all returned to normal until that fateful day in April 2010, when CT scan and blood tests told us that it had spread to her internal organs and it was incurable.

What followed were months of chemo, scans, radiotherapy. She refused to let it beat her and was positive all the way through for her husband, her sons and her family.

Mandy died at Weston hospice on 20th August 2011. She fought to the end – wanting to savour every moment with her beloved boys.

Overriding everything, was Mandy’s wish that there was more awareness of skin cancer and the damage that the sun causes, particularly to young skin.

Mandy’s legacy is love, laughter and incredible bravery.

Please don’t become yet another sad statistic.


Mandy’s Story

Having half your life ripped away from under your feet just doesn’t seem fair. The best part of our days snatched away.


Be Sun Smart

There are three types of skin cancer and all look different. Click to view five easy rules which show you a few changes that might indicate skin cancer.



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“Having half your life ripped away from under your feet just doesn’t seem fair.

The best half too, the half where you get to watch your boys grow and develop into the men that you’ve taught them to be with a sense of pride, saying “I did that!” the half where you get to look after your parents for a change to thank them and show them how much you appreciate them for bringing you up so well.

The part that you get to carry on being the big sister, to nag and always be right but still to wipe the tears and pain when she’s hurting and share the laughter when she’s joyous and last but no means least the part that you get to share your retirement with the man you love, the man you’ve always loved, even before you knew him, it was meant to be.”

The best part of our days snatched away.”


Yes, the sun is a good source of Vitamin D but any form of sunburn is never good for you.

Early diagnosis is key. Melanoma is not necessarily a death sentence so please, please remember…

If you are in doubt check it out!