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How Can You Help?


How Can You Help?


Share our message with others

Thank you for clicking onto this page. You can help in so many ways. Education is so important, Be Sun Smart and help others to be too. We aim to raise awareness of the damage that can be done by over exposure to the sun without proper protection across the North Somerset area.

So how can you help?

  • Share this website with your friends and family

  • Like our page on Facebook

  • Share our message with others

  • Or if you have ideas for other events then please help in any way you can

We really do appreciate your time and interest in our cause.

Mandy’s wish was for us to continue to campaign against the damage that melanoma can do to people and their families.

This is her legacy…

The Purpose of our Charity is:

To promote health and to relieve those suffering from or affected by skin cancer, in particular malignant melanoma within the North Somerset and surrounding area in particular, by:

  • Raising awareness of skin cancer
  • Raising awareness of skin cancer, in particular Malignant Melanoma and it’s causes and symptoms
Charity Registration Number 1158015

“Having half your life ripped away from under your feet just doesn’t seem fair. The best part of our days snatched away.”

ABCD-Easy rules ABCD-Easy rules

Yes, the sun is a good source of Vitamin D but any form of sunburn is never good for you.

Early diagnosis is key. Melanoma is not necessarily a death sentence so please, please remember…

If you are in doubt check it out!